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Best Spooky Stories for October

  First Book’s book experts picked their favorite spooky stories that will frighten and delight young readers. Don’t be afraid to pick up any of our recommended titles! Pre-K –K (Ages 3-6) Ghosts in the House! written and illustrated by Kazuno Kohara At the edge… Read More
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Welcoming Week: Q&A with Author Anne Sibley O’Brien

Welcoming Week is a special time of year. Communities across the country will come together to celebrate and raise awareness of immigrants, refugees and new Americans of all kinds. Whether it’s an event at your local art gallery or showing support on social media, the goal is to let… Read More
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Louisiana Book Relief: Help Restock Flooded Libraries

An aerial view of Baton Rouge, LA after 2016 flooding. Picture by U.S. Department of Agriculture.   All of us at First Book have been heartbroken to learn ways recent floods in Louisiana have destroyed public libraries, school libraries, and… Read More
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Q&A with Author Jason Reynolds

Author Jason Reynolds’ books start the conversations about the difficult issues facing kids today. His experiences, as told through the characters in his stories, are very much like those of the children we serve – which is why we feel it’s so important for them to hear Jason’s voice. We… Read More
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Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for August

Our favorite books this August are sure to capture imaginations with beautiful illustrations, unconventional characters, and fascinating true stories. Read on to see the titles that hooked our book experts this month! For Pre-K –K (Ages 3-6)   Who’s That?: Arctic Animals (Board Book) by Tad… Read More
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Sit, Stay, Read: Kids & Canines Learning Literacy Skills Together

The canine volunteers at SitStayRead visit classrooms in some of Chicago’s most troubled neighborhoods. The elementary school students they meet often juggle more responsibilities than most kids their age, so learning to read can seem like an extra chore. If you feel stressed about reading, like some of our little… Read More
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New Books by our Favorite Authors

Some of our favorite children’s book authors have been very busy in 2016. We are thrilled to share that their latest works are now available on the First Book Marketplace! Teachers Rock  – written and illustrated by Todd Parr From admiring the way teachers… Read More
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Monthly Book List: Our Five Favorite Books for January

Our favorite books this month celebrate the differences that make us great, inspire us to believe and dream, reinforce the power of friendship (real or imaginary!), and take us on an epic journey with two supervillains. Which of our five favorites will you read this month? For Pre-K – K… Read More
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5 Reasons to Teach with Graphic Novels

Some may not consider graphic novels a teaching tool, but in recent years graphic storytelling has been used as a medium to explore different kinds of stories for broader audiences. Because of this, these books are finding their way into more and more classrooms and libraries. Why teach with graphic… Read More