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20,000 Books to Kids, Thanks to KPMG's Chip4Charity and Phil Mickelson!

Phil Mickelson We hope you were watching last night’s football game, when the Broncos beat the Chargers and golf legend Phil Mickelson made a 100-yard shot worth $50,000. Through the firm’s Family for Literacy program, our friends at KPMG are donating every penny of that $50,000 directly to… Read More
Focus on First Book

A Million Dollar Shot – KPMG’s Chip4Charity

Normally we at First Book spend our evenings reading award-winning children’s literature, of course, but tonight we’ll be glued to our TV sets for Monday Night Football, watching golf legend Phil Mickelson trying to make a $1 million shot at halftime. If he makes it 100% of that money will… Read More
Focus on First Book, Impact Stories

Lots of Noise, But No One in the Room

“There is a great deal of noise on the stairs but nobody comes into the room.” — John F. Kennedy President Kennedy was referencing a Chinese proverb when he said that, making the point that it was easy to talk about problems, but much more difficult to fix them. Read More
Impact Stories

35,000 Programs and Counting

Exciting news! There are now 35,000 schools and programs serving kids in need in the First Book network. That’s 35,000 classrooms, libraries, church groups, afterschool programs, homeless shelters, military programs and daycare centers; all with permanent, ongoing access to a steady stream of brand-new, high-quality books. But as pleased as… Read More
For Educators

Back-to-School = Books

Summer is over. The time has come to sharpen pencils, load up backpacks and find your new home room! And, as students around the country return to school, the one thing that their teachers all need is books. There’s no greater predictor of success in school – and in life… Read More
Impact Stories

"Kids Can Have Their Own Books in Their Own Houses"

The thing that I like about First Book is that kids can have their own books in their own houses that their parents can read to them, and, later, that they can read themselves. — Jane Greene, First Book supporter Jane Greene is a longtime supporter of First Book. Read More
Focus on First Book

Target to Give $5 Million to Schools; Vote for Your Neighborhood School!

Target has always been one of First Book’s most stalwart supporters. Their support for education in the United States is comprehensive and long-lasting. Now they’ve embarked on an impressively gigantic new effort: $5 million for U.S. schools as part of their ‘$1 Billion for Education’ campaign. The giving campaign includes… Read More
Focus on First Book

Pirates, Ninjas, Dinosaurs, Etc.

Kids need books! Without books, children miss out on the chance to become strong readers and successful students – especially children from low-income families. And kids don’t just need any old books. They need books that they’ll want to read. One of… Read More
Impact Stories

The Hat That Gives Back

Are you looking for a great gift this summer for the golfer in your life? How about a gift that gives back? Golf champion Phil Mickelson has joined forces with our friends at the audit, tax and advisory firm KPMG to launch ‘Blue for Books,’ a nationwide campaign designed… Read More