How to Fundraise for Books & Resources with First Book: “Invite Local Businesses to Help”

Securing funding is an essential step to getting the education resources you need. Local organizations and businesses can be a great source of support. They are already a part of the community, and are often looking for initiatives that benefit their local customers.


Find Local Businesses

When looking for businesses that will get behind your cause, approach everyone. Create a list of organizations and businesses that you want to reach out to. It may be helpful to walk/drive around your school’s neighborhood, such as, local restaurants, dry cleaners, laundromats, gas stations, etc. Make sure you include large and small businesses in the area.

Ask for Contributions

Determine how much you’d like each organization to contribute. ?Think of what is reasonable for these businesses. Are they more likely to donate a smaller or larger amount? You can specify different recognition for different donation levels, such as a Bronze, Silver, and Gold sponsorship.

Not sure exactly how to ask for donations? Inside the First Book Funding Toolkit, you’ll find a script that you can use whenever you make phone calls, emails, or speak to the owners in person.

Show Your Gratitude

It is always important to show gratitude to organizations that provide support, no matter how large or small the donation. When you pick up contributions, make sure to thank them.

Inside First Book Funding Toolkit, you’ll find great ideas to show your appreciation, including cerificates that businesses can hang in their store, handmade thank you notes from students, and more!

The fundraising tips above were excerpted from the First Book Funding Toolkit. Click here to download the entire First Book Funding Toolkit!

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