How to Fundraise for Books & Resources with First Book: "Do the Math"

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Showing how you will impact the children you serve is an essential step in securing funding for the education resources you need. Demonstrating the ability to maximize every dollar you receive — and how much you will save by purchasing from First Book — can encourage program leaders and community members to provide financial support.

“Do the Math”

Using the following “Do the Math” calculator, you can show your school/program leaders and others just how much their dollars will stretch when you purchase education essentials from First Book. Here’s an example:

Retail Price $10.99/book  X  30 copies = $329.70

First Book Price $3.85/book  X  30 copies = $115.50

You save $214.20 by purchasing from First Book.

In the example above, a budget of $300 would serve 27 students at retail price, but 78 students at the First Book price. Look for ways to make this point clear to funders. This is great news for someone looking to support your project because it shows your ability to maximize every single dollar and support more students.

Ask Your Program/School Leaders

Use this option to reach out to your school or program leaders to explore available funding from your organization’s general operating budget or other special funding (such as Title I funding). Inside the First Book Funding Toolkit you’ll find an email/letter template to modify and send to your principal or director. Be sure to include a summary of the items you want to purchase, the purpose, number of kids you will reach, and your savings by purchasing from First Book!

The fundraising tips above were excerpted from the First Book Funding Toolkit. Keep your eyes on our blog for more tips, or click here to view the entire First Book Funding Toolkit!