How to Fundraise for Books & Resources with First Book


The art of fundraising can be complex. That is why First Book is offering a step-by-step guide for teachers, educators, and anyone serving kids in need to receive the funds they need to provide educational resources to the children they serve.

The Early Steps 

One of the most important things to do when fundraising is having a clear goal. You must establish what you want to do. Why are you fundraising? Do you want to give every student in your class three books? Send a book home with each child every week of your summer meal program? Build a class set for a new teacher?

Once you establish what you want to do, you’ll have to set a monetary goal. This is the tricky part. You might need more, or less, than you think you do. Thankfully, the First Book Marketplace WISHLIST tool makes it easy to determine how much your project/initiative will cost. Using this tool, you can browse the First Book Marketplace, create your ideal order, and calculate the total amount of money that you will need.


The First Book Marketplace makes it easy to select the best high-quality books. You can explore categories that feature diversity, character development, award winners, and more.

You can search the thousands of available books with the Advanced Search Tool, and filter titles by options like age groups and guided reading levels. First Book offers online tutorials that can help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Watch this video to learn more about how to use the Advanced Search Tool on the First Book Marketplace.

If you’re not sure which titles to choose or how much you want to get, go ahead and call upon the collective brain-power of your team! Share your WISHLIST with your organization or program leader via email.


Once you have an idea of your goal and what it will take to reach it, you can go ahead and start the fundraising process and get books to kids in need.

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For more tips on how to make a financial case for your project, and how to use First Book to best use the funds you’ve raised, download our free Funding Toolkit.