How to Campaign Like a #FirstBookChampion

Ladist13u volunteer with disney book and kid

Being a First Book Champion is all about spreading the joy of reading to kids in need. Starting a campaign is the first step to becoming a champion.

The next step is brainstorming – thinking of all the clever ways you can get donors invested in your cause. Lucky for you, we are one step ahead – we’ve got a list of the five best ways to fundraise that will be both fun and effective.

Now – Get Ready, Get Set, FUNdraise!


1.Host a Read-a-Thonauditorium filled with kids, parents, volunteers, etc.

Partner with a coffee shop or local business, get some friends together, and read! Vote on a book and set a time limit. Have people donate to participate or to come and listen.

Pick a book everyone will love to hear read aloud like the Hunger Games or a marathon reading of Roald Dahl’s collection. See if the business will donate part of their profits to your campaign – remind them that it is tax deductible!


2. Be Active

Setting a personal goal to align with your campaign goal will keep you motivated and striving for success. Host a walk, run, or bike ride. Train with friends, have fun, and get fit.

Feeling really adventurous? Campaign while you live out your greatest fitness dreams – like hiking the Grand Canyon or rock climbing in Colorado. Ask people to donate when you meet milestones.


59383kirkland0328_First-Book3. Donations for a Special Occasion

Getting hitched? Have a birthday coming up? Maybe a bat mitzvah or a graduation? Skip the gifts and have friends and family donate to help give books to kids who need them. There is no better birthday present than knowing you are putting a big smile on a child’s face.



4. Get Competitive

Nothing fires people up quite like a competition – use that fire to fuel your First Book Campaign. Set up a literary trivia night, a 10-second reading challenge, maybe even a poetry slam competition. Your prize is glory — and knowing your giving the gift of reading to kids in need.


5. Books for Books

When donors make donations to your campaign, give them book recommendations. 1507874_10152120653148894_1055536980_nSet up a give a book, take a book free library, encouraging participants to donate to your campaign. Start a book club. Remind people how much they love reading and what a joy it is to share that love with others.