Parents Value Printed Books

Domtar Infographic Circle v2A recent study by the Pew Research Center shows that 9 out of 10 parents of children under 18 say it’s important to them that their children read printed books. The parents in the study value the sensory experience books give to children — the turning of the pages, the cover images, the rich colors of the illustrations and ink.

They also believe that reading printed books helps them to model reading habits for their children.

One parent who participated in the study thought this to be particularly true in our digital culture. “I’m reading…a book [on a tablet] and my children don’t know if I’m reading a book or if I’m playing on Twitter,” they said. “So I think it’s important to have the book so that they go, ‘Oh Dad’s reading’… not just, ‘Oh he’s updating his Facebook page.’ I think there is like a difference in that.”

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