Your Tweets, Pins and Signatures brought 10,000 Books to Kids for the Holidays!

Chronicle Books’ #GiveBooks campaign donated 10,000 books to kids in need through First Book. Every pin, tweet and signature of the #GiveBooks pledge generated one new book for a child in need.

chronicle books give booksMore than 10,000 people have pinned, signed, tweeted and mentioned the #GiveBooks campaign, since it began on November 1st. Authors, booksellers, publishers and the general public have shared their love of reading, flooding social media channels with tweets, pins and pledges to #GiveBooks for the holiday season.  The social media campaign featured a call to arms to support local bookstores, promote literacy and provide books to kids in need.

The campaign was run by our delightful partners, Chronicle Books, who Chroniclebooksbookinschoolcelebrated the campaign’s success with an added gift of personalized books for students at two schools in McDowell County, West Virginia.  Copies of the holiday keepsake book ‘The Night Before Christmas’, customized for each student to include their name, town, favorite pet and more, produced delighted smiles, especially when delivered by a special guest reader dressed in red.

“First Book was thrilled when Chronicle approached us with this idea, and we loved that so many people got involved to help spread the message,” said Kyle Zimmer, president and CEO of First Book. “It’s remarkable what people will do when given the opportunity to bring books to kids in need.”

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To join the campaign, tweet #givebooks or pin here.

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