Hunger ‘For Books’ Games

The creative minds in Memphis took advantage of one of the most teen popular book collections to create a fundraising event so good we had to share it!

winners of the hunger for books games            First Book volunteers in Memphis recently held a fundraiser at the Autozone Challenge Center, located within the Salvation Army Kroc Center, to help put new books in the hands of children in need.  Teams competed in a series of mental and physical challenges in theme of the ‘Hunger Games’ books.

            “This event challenged students intellectually and physically, and gave them a fun opportunity to give back to their community,” said Lolly Easley. “We chose the theme because the ‘Hunger Games’ trilogy is a favorite series for the younger generation. Teens celebrated their love of this series, while helping children in need and supporting literacy in Memphis.”

         The event raised $1205, enough money to purchase over 480 new books for Memphis area children who need them, but they are still accepting donations! Please visit here to make a donation to the Hunger for Books Games!