Teachers Respond: $480 Or More Spent on Back To School Supplies for Their Classrooms

back to school books

In honor of back to school, we have been posting some rather stunning statistics about how many teachers spend money out of their own pockets for their classroom, as well as how much they are spending. Teachers across the web have responded.

  • “Yup on average about $500” (twitter)
  • “$480? Really? WAY more than that. I think I have spent that this month alone.” (facebook)
  • “The government gives us a $250 tax break.  The rest is all us” (twitter)
  • “That $480 figure people throw around makes me LOL.  I spend at least $1000 a year on books, paper, etc.” (twitter)
  • “Oh please don’t post how much we spend! My husband doesn’t need to know this!” (facebook)
  • “Sometimes it’s even more for many teachers…” (facebook)

These responses have come from teachers registered with First Book as well as those who are not. For those who are, First Book helps cover the cost of books to help teachers get more and pay less.

But we can’t do this without you. Every $10 you provide puts 4 books into the hands of a teacher for her classroom. Donate now for back to school!teachers should have an abundance of books and resources for back to school

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