A Million Dollar Shot – KPMG’s Chip4Charity

Normally we at First Book spend our evenings reading award-winning children’s literature, of course, but tonight we’ll be glued to our TV sets for Monday Night Football, watching golf legend Phil Mickelson trying to make a $1 million shot at halftime.

If he makes it 100% of that money will go to First Book, and that means as many as 400,000 brand-new books for kids from low-income families. The challenge comes from our friends at KPMG, whose commitment to putting books into the hands of kids in need runs deep. It’s all part of KPMG’s Family for Literacy program and their new “Blue for Books” campaign, which has provided more than 20,000 new books since March.

At the game, Mickelson will stand in one end zone, aiming for a target in the other end zone. KPMG will donate a minimum of $50,000 to First Book (that’s 20,000 brand-new books), and up to $1 million for a bulls-eye shot. In the hands of a lesser golfer this might be a problem, but we’re not worried. Go Phil!

Phil Mickelson's million dollar shot for First Book

You can help KPMG and Phil get books to kids by donating to First Book. Every $2.50 pays for a brand-new book for a child in need. Or you can show your support through KPMG’s ‘Blue for Books’ campaign by buying Phil’s Blue Hat. For every hat purchased, KPMG will donate three new books. To learn more, visit philsbluehat.com.