Pirates, Ninjas, Dinosaurs, Etc.

Back-to-school book collections from First Book
Kids need books! Without books, children miss out on the chance to become strong readers and successful students – especially children from low-income families.

And kids don’t just need any old books. They need books that they’ll want to read.

One of the main ways First Book is working to ensure that kids in need have new and interesting books is the First Book Marketplace, where we sell brand-new, popular titles at costs that schools and programs serving kids in need can afford. (Books from the Marketplace are available exclusively to programs working with kids from low-income families).

To help all those hard-working educators out there get ready for back-to-school, we’ve assembled some great book collections on the Marketplace. For around $100, teachers can pick up themed collections of 48 books for their kids. We’ve got collections of different books about pirates and ninjas, carnivores and herbivores, fantastic adventures, poetry, science and the universe and history. Woot!

If you work with children from low-income families, sign up with First Book today and find out how we can work together to put new, quality books into the hands of your kids.