Ride, Sally Ride

Sally Ride

First Book would like to send our condolences to the friends and family of Sally Ride, the 1st U.S. woman in space, who died of pancreatic cancer yesterday. In spite of being one of a very elite group of people who’ve been through the space program – and jettisoned into and back from space – she was extremely modest.  She was that person who had it all – left brain and right brain smarts.  In other words, an engineer who could also communicate.  She was a physicist who knew what mattered.  A woman who spent much of her post-space life supporting and encouraging students – especially girls, to study science, math and engineering through Sally Ride Science.

She will be missed.

In honor of Sally’s legacy, we wanted to share some books that are available on the First Book Marketplace that inspire an interest in space and science.

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