Once Upon a time In Buffalo…

Once Upon a time…

First Book travelled to the faraway land of Buffalo. Upon our arrival at the warehouse, we

were astonished to find a field of presorted pallets, lined up in rows and labeled with fancy signs. They were the most beautiful pallets we had ever seen!

Before we could blink an eye, we were escorted to a table of sweets and coffee. While choosing which donut to eat first, volunteers flocked around us, begging to be put to work.

Over the next three days, 300,000 books went to 65 local organizations and 333 nationwide, via 118 volunteers fed by about a million donuts.

As the last books rode off into the sunset, in a poof of volunteer magic (aided by 5 brooms and 3 dustpans) all the evidence of the distribution disappeared. As we frolicked off, the only evidence of our adventure is now scattered throughout the land, as children receive books of their own and live happily ever after.

The End.