BIG NEWS from First Book! We've Launched a Major Upgrade to the First Book Marketplace

“The First Book Marketplace is trying to do for publishing what micro-finance did for banking: crack open a vast potential market that is underserved at significant social cost.”
— David Bornstein, The New York Times, May 2011

We’re excited to announce a major upgrade to the First Book Marketplace! As of today, schools and programs who rely on First Book to get new books for the kids they serve will be able to do so more quickly, easily and effectively.

BIG NEWS from First Book! We've Launched a Major Upgrade to the First Book MarketplaceThe teachers and program leaders we work with do amazing things every day, and we’re always working to find new and better ways to help them in their important work.

The First Book Marketplace is a website where teachers and program leaders who work with kids from low-income families can get new, high-quality books at prices they can afford. (If that seems unusual for a nonprofit, check out this great piece in The New York Times that explains why this is a powerful, innovative and effective model.)

We’ve listened to feedback from many of the 27,000 programs in our national network, and made some big changes, including things like easier log-ins, a friendlier account management system, improved search capabilities, wish lists and an easier system for spending grant money. We’ve also added tons of great new books; we’re up to 2,000 titles and adding more all the time.

If you work with kids from low-income families, or know someone who does, check out the new and improved First Book Marketplace, and sign up with First Book today to get great new books for the kids you serve.