Kyle Zimmer Talks to the Washington Post About Innovation, Doing What You Love, and the Importance of Failure

First Book president and co-founder Kyle Zimmer sat down for a long talk with Emi Kolawole, a writer for the Washington Post’s new Innovations section. They’ve been posting a series of video excerpts from the discussion throughout the week.

  • How do you overcome failure?: The importance of failure, and how to overcome it.
  • Not a ‘traditional charity’: Why First Book is different, the flexibility of the model and the power of having business at the core of a nonprofit organization.
  • The power of the arts: Arts education and how First Book is working to bridge the growing gap created by declining education funding.
  • A locally-inspired innovation: How First Book got started and the local experience that inspired Kyle to start innovating.
  • To innovate, ‘Start with what you love’: Advice for those aspiring to launch their own innovative efforts to make a difference.
  • A field full of innovation: An innovation that caught Kyle’s eye and the wealth of innovation in the social sector.