From Laos to Lockheed

During National Aerospace Week, First Book is sharing stories about science and engineering from some of our friends at Lockheed Martin, sponsors of First Book’s Springboard to STEM program. Today’s guest blogger is Lonnie Dong, Systems Engineer, Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company.

My parents, with six children, emigrated from Laos in search of freedom, liberty and opportunities for their children.  Guided by interest, love of math and respect for science, I searched for my own freedom and found engineering.  Whether it was the curiosity, thrill, or just plain interest, there was always a voice from within that helped set the foundation for my career.  Sometimes it whispered and sometimes it shouted, but it was always the same voice that never failed to inspire me to seek out more knowledge, to solve problems, and to invent.
They say that politicians rule the world, engineers create the world.  As a Systems/Aerospace Engineer at Lockheed Martin, I am committed to never waiver at the awesome responsibility of shaping and protecting the world.  At the end of each day, I know that somehow, my curiosities, creations and commitment to excellence will help the thousands of men and women who’ve put their lives on the line to defend freedom.
I cannot take credit for their accomplishments, but I will take pride in them.  Because underneath all the technology and innovation, is engineering.  History is found in the moments, defining moments that fuel the most important missions in the world, and I am proud to help make those moments happen.  I am lucky.  Most people will either work for a company or serve their nation; I’m doing both at Lockheed Martin …with a little help from the voice within.