Milwaukee's Best: Books to Kids in Wisconsin, Chicago, and Around the Country

First Book was in Milwaukee last week, getting books to kids. We’ve been on the road a lot this summer; we try to spread our massive book distributions across the country so that schools and programs that can’t afford the shipping costs for the free books can still get what they need for the kids that they serve.

We are very happy with our books. We have had to stop getting them if we have to pay for shipping because there is no money in our budget. I have looked for grants to pay for books, but so far in vain. These will last us for a while. Thank you!

Lynn Flynn, PADS Crisis Services, Inc., Chicago

First Book distributes 420,000 new books to kids in need in Milwaukee and across the countryIt was as hot in Milwaukee as it has been everywhere, we are sorry to report, but despite the heat we managed to get over 400,000 books distributed, almost a quarter of those to programs in Wisconsin and nearby areas.

As always, we got the chance to meet lots of amazing people:

  • the men and woman who work with kids in need every day
  • the hard-working volunteers that lug boxes and load station wagons with books
  • the partners – like NewThreads of Hope – who loan us the warehouses
  • and the publishers – like Disney Publishing Worldwide – who provide the books.

It takes a lot of people to make these book distributions possible, and we are grateful. We’re also grateful to the fine people of Milwaukee for having us. Go Bucks!