Goodreads, Give Books

Earlier this month we were happy to announce that First Book joined forces with Goodreads, one of the largest online communities of readers, to bring more books to more children this summer.

This summer the Goodreads community will be reading ‘A Visit from the Goon Squad’, by Jennifer Egan, to kick off their new Goodreads Book Club. For every 10 members of the Goodreads community who add this title to their shelves on the site, Goodreads will donate 1 book to kids in need through First Book.

We are happy to announce that the participant count is now at 32,613, closing in on 33,000. We would love to get to the 40,000 mark so that we can donate 4,000 books to kids in need. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to help First Book get books to kids, this is it! Goodreads members simply have to add the book to any shelf. (For folks who are new to Goodreads, registration is easy, quick, and completely free.)

Join the the book club and help us get books to kids!