Rick Riordan's 'Throne of Fire' Coming to First Book

Rick Riordan's 'Throne of Fire' on First Book MarketplaceBig day for Rick Riordan! He was named author of the year by hundreds of thousands of young readers at last night’s Children’s Choice Book Awards (we hope you caught our live tweets from from the awards show).

And ‘The Throne of Fire‘ comes out today – the new and eagerly-awaited sequel to his best-selling ‘The Red Pyramid’. Heroic young magicians! Powerful Egyptian gods! Chaos snakes! We can’t wait to read it.

Of course, you probably know all that, because everyone loves Rick Riordan.

But what you didn’t know is that, thanks to the generosity of Mr. Riordan and Disney Publishing Worldwide, First Book will be able to offer this brand-new title on the First Book Marketplace, our award-winning online site for schools and programs serving children in need. Not only that, but we’ll be able able to offer the first book in the series, ‘The Red Pyramid’, as well. (Oh, and we have some of the Percy Jackson books, too!)

So if you’re a teacher or program leader serving kids in low-income communities, register with First Book and get your students the books they’re dying to read.