It's Children's Book Week! Woot!

First Book Celebrates Children's Book WeekWelcome to Children’s Book Week!

We love children’s books, here at First Book, as you might imagine. That’s we have distributed over 80 million of them to kids from low-income neighborhoods. But, honestly, we also just get excited about great new books and new work by our favorite authors. We love to hear what kids, parents, teachers and readers of all stripes are enjoying, and Children’s Book Week is a great time to do that. Yes. We are book nerds.

There are events going on all over the country to celebrate (see if there’s one in your hometown), and tonight are the Children’s Choice Book Awards in New York City – the only national children’s book awards where winning titles are selected by young readers of all ages.

First Book is proud to be a sponsor of the awards, and some of our staff will be at the party, dressed up fancy and ready to rock, so if you’re fortunate enough to be in attendance, find us and say hello!

If not, you can follow our live updates on Twitter. Matthew and Erica from First Book will be tweeting up a storm, and Matthew has promised to find Judy Blume and tell her how much he loves her. Hurrah!