Four Simple Steps to Gear Up for 'Read Across America Day'

Today’s guest blogger is Anita Merina, the National Coordinator for ‘Read Across America’, a National Education Association initiative.

Getting ready for 'Read Across America Day' with First Book and the NEA

Every year on March 2nd educators, parents, grandparents, athletes, actors, politicians, and kids join together for Read Across America Day to celebrate reading. Now, if you’re thinking, “March 2nd . . . isn’t that someone’s birthday, too?” – you’re right. It’s also, not so coincidentally, the birthday of the beloved Dr. Seuss!

This year the National Education Association and First Book want to make sure your shelves are stocked with all of Dr. Seuss’ biggest hits for this spectacular day of reading. And to make getting ready easier than ever, we’ve provided four simple steps. All you have to do is follow them and you’ll be on your way to your best day of reading yet.

  1. Register your school or program with First Book at (If you are already registered, go to step two.)
  2. Browse the First Book Marketplace at The Cat in the Hat? Green Eggs and Ham? Hop on Pop? The First Book Marketplace as all these books and more for around $3.00 a book.
  3. Order by February 8th to make sure your books arrive in time for Read Across America day.
  4. Read, rhyme and smile with your students as they dive into the pages of those classic Dr. Seuss books!

That’s it! See, it’s as easy as getting your straight A students to turn in their homework on time, and a little more fun too.