Community Spotlight: The Shyann Kindness Project

This Month’s Recipient Group: The Shyann Kindness Project.

“The mission of The Shyann Kindness Project is to pass on kindness by providing fun and needed items to children in stressful situations, while inspiring the performance of random acts of kindness and acceptance of others.” The Shyann Kindness Project has served over 8,000 children since April 2006, and is comprised of three programs: the Kindness Gift-Giving Program, Shyann’s Helping Hands, and Shyann’s Mentors Program. Kindness Gift Giving Events occur twice a month at venues such as hospital emergency rooms and clinics, homeless feeding programs, shelters for women and children, and after-school programs in low-income areas. During Kindness Gift-Giving Events, volunteers distribute Kindness Gift Packages to children that consist of toys, crafts, stuffed animals, and brand new books provided by First Book after an interactive talk about the importance of kindness and acceptance of all people.

How long have you been a First Book Recipient Group?

Since March 2009.

How many children do you serve and what are their age ranges?

We have served over 8,000 children, ranging from newborns to 18 year old young adults, since April 2006.

How many books have you received from First Book since you registered?

Over 400 books.

Tell us about a recent event you have held to promote reading.

On April 21, the K-5th graders at Los Amigos Elementary School paid close attention as the story, Gorp’s Dream, a book focusing on kindness and acceptance of others, was read to them.  The children shared a lot of different kindness ideas during the interactive discussion and were very happy with everything they received as our way of passing on kindness to them.  Our volunteers received many thank you hugs from the grateful children.

Quotes from students, teachers, parents:

“Now I have books to do my book reports!” – Boy attending event

“Parents feel encouraged to take their children to the library when they see how much they enjoy reading the books they’ve received at our events.” – Sandy Rosati, Executive Director

“Bilingual books received from First Book have helped children who are learning English, as well as given parents the ability to read to their children.”

“We have children tell us they are choosing a book for one of their siblings or a cousin. It makes them very happy to share what they’ve received.”