Happy Birthday Harry Potter!

First Book staff got in touch with their magical side yesterday making treats in celebration of Harry Potter’s birthday. Here’s a taste of some of the treats we made!

Cockroach Clusters
Melt chocolate in a bowl and stir in halved pretzel sticks to create these crunchy cockroaches. Simply spoon out the mixture and attach some licorice antennae, freeze and enjoy! Make sure you eat them before they hop up and run away!

Acid Pops
Lightly coat unwrapped blow pops in a sugar-water solution, making sure to shake off excess. Then roll the pops in a colorful pop rock mixture to add a magic touch. Be warned, consumption of these pops may lead to head combustion!

Licorice Wands
Dip licorice sticks into the frosting of your choice, making sure to coat at least the top third of the stick. Roll the frosting-covered end in crushed lifesavers for a sparkling effect. Proceed granting wishes!

After a fun day in the office we realized that while the magic of Harry Potter has touched millions throughout the world, there are still under-privileged children who lack access to books. In honor of our hero’s birthday, please consider a donation to First Book so that more children may experience the magic of their first book.